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Programmer - apfeifer@profilespy.com - Aaron Pfeifer

Aaron is the software engineer/programmer for ProfileSpy.  He also handles the responsibility of taking care of any software/website glitches. With over 6 years of experience in the programming industry, he will be taking Software Engineering as a major at Rochester Institute of Technology. In his free time, he enjoys playing every sport out there, bowling, going to the movies, and chilling out with his friends.

John Cioni - Site Janitor - jcioni@profilespy.com
John is responsible for updating code and the material provided on ProfileSpy. In the past, he has established a few other small web projects such as a news site, a small web portal, and offered various types of web hosting opportunites. Will be attending NJIT next fall semester for Computer Engineering. He loves music, enjoys driving his 3000GT, making neck's snap, and on top of that.. he loves environmentalists!

Site Janitor - mbhatt@profilespy.comMick Bhatt

Mick is responsible for the web programming behind ProfileSpy.com and adding new features while keeping things running smoothly.  In addition to ProfileSpy, he is the webmaster of techy news site, TheTripleHelix.com. in his free time, the doctor likes to modify his Probe and occasionally drive around with bass pumping at full volume. He is known to be a constant driving noise violation.

Advertising and Marketing - nabraham@profilespy.com - Neil Abraham
From finding advertisers to forging partnerships, Neil is responsible for the "business side" of ProfileSpy. In addition to his work on the site, he is the acting CEO of popular techy news page, TheTripleHelix.com. He will be attending UC Berkeley as a Computer Engineering major, and plans to become the next Bill Gates. He plans to create his own software empire one day. In his time away from ProfileSpy and The Triple Helix (if there is any), he likes gaming, watching The Matrix religiously, and playing basketball and soccer.

Mike Mancuso
- Advertising and Marketing - mmancuso@profilespy.com
Mike is responsible for the advertising that goes on at profilespy. He gets our name out to the public so the computer generation has another resource for FREE web based services. Enjoys pimpin the Stealth, chillen with the crew, and mackin it to his girl. Loves playin sports, and a constant wise ass. Man to the Qso intends to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering; and to be a rich, happy old man w/ fast cars and a huge house.


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