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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I keep getting this "Access Denied" error. What does it mean and what do I do???
     This error is caused by one of two reasons:
  • 1) You're trying to access the profile from a site besides ProfileSpy.com
  • 2) Your session has expired.
     If the reason is #1, please report the site to support@profilespy.com and proceed to access profiles through Profilespy.com.
     If the reason is #2, this means that you have had the same webpage open for too long. After a certain period of time, your Session ID for the webpage expires, and you have to refresh the webpage. So, to fix this, completely refresh the main page (http://profilespy.aaronpfeifer.com/index.php) and then proceed to request profiles. If this does not work, the next step is delete your cache / temporary internet files. This will allow you to download a completely fresh webpage from ProfileSpy.com

2.) I have CompuServe and I can't get profiles. What's wrong?
     It looks like that if you use the webbrowser provided by CompuServe, our website does not function correctly. At the moment, there is nothing we can do about this. We are trying fervently to fix this problem. IN THE MEANTIME, you can fix this yourself by using an outside webbrowser (not within the CompuServe application), such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, and visit the webpage. Sorry for any inconvenience.

3.) The profile isn't being updated. When will it update?!
     At the moment, because we have such restrained and minimal resources for this website, we are forced to disallow updates every time they are requested. Right now, profiles WILL be updated every 10 days or after they have been requested a certain number of times. Hopefully we will be upgrading our servers soon so that profiles will be updated more frequently.

4.) I keep getting this "Error on Line 117" (or another arbitrary #). What's it mean?
     This occurs when our servers are being overwhelmed by the amount of traffic. Again, since we have constrained resources, this is bound to happen every now and then. You just need to keep re-trying every minute or so. Hopefully this will be fixed soon when we upgrade our servers.

5.) It's been minutes/hours and it still says I'm on a waiting list. How long does it take?!!
     Our service has matured over the past three months, and we're still trying to take into account every problem that could occur. Since we have to deal with AOL, trying to map out every problem is really hard, but we've almost got everything taken care of. However, there are some unknown circumstances (which we will learn to fix) where our service will fall apart, and stop getting profiles. If it says you're STILL on a waiting list even after an hour, there's a problem with our service and it will be fixed soon. Please be patient, we have a very small work force.

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